Hot data for a global fast food chain

By Chris
6th June 2018

Serving a global restaurant business with the latest
information across sites and MySQL environments
using multi-master replication.

Databases are behind one of the most valuable business assets: knowledge. Being able to share current data between different sites swiftly and seamlessly offers real competitive advantage. Working in partnership with Cloud specialist, Niu Solutions, and other third-party vendors, WellData was asked to support a global fast food company with greater data visibility.

Our client wanted to keep data information in sync as it was updated in separate places. The group of IT infrastructure environments spanned eight sites, including three main data centres in the UK, US and India, where development and testing would take place.

This was an important and pressing project for our client, requiring a new, fully operational system within six months.


We proposed developing, piloting and then deploying a cluster and multi-master replication system across a total of 32 MySQL servers. This cost-efficient solution would enable our client to make central updates, with each master database server replicating the databases it hosts in a set pattern. By propagating data updates across clusters, the latest information would be visible to all members of the infrastructure group immediately.

Throughout the pilot and full deployment stages, this solution also involved supporting with Linux and Apache Tomcat, an open-source servlet container providing an environment for Java code to run.


Our client now has a stable, resilient and expanded platform for
improved business performance and growth.


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