DBA outsourcing makes good business sense

Database management: can you afford to get it wrong?

Managing databases is expensive and challenging. They need careful, round-the-clock attention from highly paid technical staff. They are prone to breakdown from hardware, network or human failure, cyber-attacks and power outages. And DBAs are costly to hire, train and retain.

Check our In-House vs Outsourced guide to find out the benefits of outsourcing:

In-House vs Outsourced guide

So why not outsource to us?

Hundreds of businesses turn to WellData to keep their databases running efficiently and problem-free. After all, we are the database people. We’ve lived and breathed database management for over 20 years. Here are seven good reasons for outsourcing to us:

Save money

DBAs can cost over £80k per annum in salary, NI and benefits. Fees for recruitment, holiday and sickness cover are on top. Three DBAs providing round-the-clock, 365-day service adds up to over £250k per year. Outsource to us for improved service at a fraction of the cost.

Rapid response

Our DBAs respond instantly to any emergency. Unlike your in-house staff, they don’t take cover-gaps due to holidays, parental leave or sickness. On standby 24/7/365, they specialise in fast problem resolution and keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Access expertise

Access WellData’s deep pool of technical knowhow whenever you need it. Our multi-skilled UK-based DBAs are trained in a broad range of database technologies and share decades of hands-on experience. Get their expert advice in an instant.

Better continuity

High churn of in-house DBA personnel leads to poor knowledge-transfer and continuity. By contrast our DBAs stay with us for many years, provide a continuous service and grow an indepth understanding of your systems and needs.

Focus on the important

Managing databases is time-intensive. Outsource your DBA function to us and free up valuable time to focus on the bigger picture. Leave the day-to-day management to us and concentrate on tackling more strategic IT issues.

Proactive not reactive

Unlike internal IT staff, we have more time to anticipate problems before they crop up. We think ahead and apply ‘fix-before-fail’ procedures to proactively test, monitor and reduce your breakdowns to a minimum.

Guaranteed SLAs

To reassure you we give you guaranteed SLAs that specify your own named DBA, access to a multiskilled support team, daily checks and updates. We guarantee response and resolution times. You get transparent all-inclusive pricing with no hidden extras. And, in case you are dissatisfied, you can cancel your contract at any time.

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WellData provide an excellent level of support and their team are very knowledgeable and always go the extra mile. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.read more
Stefan Parrott
Stefan Parrott
13:12 19 Sep 17
Having worked with the team at Welldata for approaching 17 years, my company and I have always found them professional, reliable and generally a great firm to work with.read more
John Lynes
John Lynes
14:00 04 Oct 17
Our partnership with WellData has enabled us to resolve critical database problems. Their attitude and service makes them a natural extension to our own technology team, which extends our capability in a critical area of our business.read more
Steve Fenton
Steve Fenton
10:56 05 Nov 18
Really know their stuff and their response times are very good.
Andy Cole
Andy Cole
11:45 06 Nov 18
We use Welldata for SQL support and are very happy with their service.
David Sadler
David Sadler
09:40 15 Nov 18
A very dedicated team of extremely professional and knowledgeable experts
Giulia Iannucci
Giulia Iannucci
14:08 16 Nov 18
I have worked with the WellData team for many years now and they have always delivered. I would highly recommend them to any business looking for best-value outsourced Expert DBA’s. Being able to offer a rolling contract on the basis that if they don’t deliver you can leave shows their confidence and commitment. Their professionalism and knowledge is second to none.read more
Petro Bartoszyk
Petro Bartoszyk
08:51 18 Oct 19