Part of your IT team. Hands-on.

Our services make your database fitter and stronger…


What we do

We give you the very best database, server and application support. Hand your database to us and enjoy proactive management, rapid response, better continuity, easy access to deep technical knowhow and all-inclusive copper-bottomed SLAs. Get all this at a fraction of the cost of using in-house DBAs. We ensure your databases are completely secure, fully optimised and deliver maximum up-time. Guaranteed.

How we do it

Outsource your database care to the UK’s largest and best-qualified team of remote DBAs.

Complexity simplified

We make it easy. Why struggle with disparate technologies, spiralling IT costs and complex business needs? We make databases more robust, simple to manage and cheaper to run.

Expertise on standby 24/7

We give you instant access to high-quality specialists around the clock. Tap into deep expertise in Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Ingres, PostgreSQL and much more.

Think ahead, act ahead

We cut your downtime by foreseeing and reducing risk. Proactive monitoring lets us spot any issues and fix-before-fail. And if the worst happens, we respond instantly.

Part of your IT team

Our DBAs work as a seamless plugin to your IT people. You get a named DBA to look after your database day-to-day, and your own dedicated emergency response team.

Reliability guaranteed

We are hard-wired for reliability with water-tight SLAs. We even underwrite our service levels with a first-30-day-guarantee of complete satisfaction or your right to immediate cancellation.