SQL Server health check

What’s involved in a SQL Server health check?

Developed over a number of years, our most experienced SQL Server consultants have created a thorough and concise structure for reviewing and health checking SQL Server databases. Our SQL Server health check can be used to keep an eye on SQL instances and performance, or when operational issues are suspected. A SQL Server health check flags up minor issues before they become major defects, giving users complete peace of mind.

Health checks identify any risks to the availability, recoverability, performance or security of a SQL Server instance by investigating database health, configuration, monitoring and compliance issues.

Every aspect is investigated and reported on, and health checks include data and analysis of the results of our investigations. Analysis includes the severity of any problems found and also a course of remedial actions which either your in house team, or us, can implement and resolve. This can be carried out as a stand alone, ad hoc health check, or as part of our SQL Server support service.

Health check methodology

Our team has developed a number of scripts which effectively and thoroughly test every SQL Server instance. These scripts are a combination/hybrid of T-SQL and PowerShell and are run against a set SQL Server list. Health checks collect data on all aspects of configuration, performance, space and usage.

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Reliability

Health check results

The results, data and any issues the SQL Server health check highlights are then reviewed by our analysts. The elements are graded according to severity and are attributed to one of three categories.

  • Critical
  • Warning
  • Informational

Health check report

When the results are fully reported and understood, a summary is written which details the most important results. Typically, these health checks flag up such things as absence of backups, disk latency and irregular and incomplete maintenance schedules.

The completed SQL Server health report is sent to you, and the analyst responsible for carrying out the health check and creating the report will call at a time which suits you – to run through the health check with you and answer any questions you may have. Users are made aware of any actions required and can carry out remedial works in-house, or employ our SQL DBAs.

SQL Server health checks are available as a one-off service, or are included in our comprehensive SQL Server database services contract.


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