Microsoft Azure Support

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud database service, based on SQL Server database technology, which will be familiar to many and is built on the Window’s Azure cloud computing program.


One of the main benefits of using Azure in the cloud is that data can quickly be increased or reduced as the needs of your organisation change. All data is hosted, managed and provisioned in Microsoft data centres.


At WellData, our expertise in Azure stretches back to its inception as Windows Azure in 2010. Reasons for using Azure include unbeatable infrastructure agility, allowing us to make improvements and enhancements almost instantly. Azure services we offer include: Azure Migrations, Azure Security, Azure Upgrades, Azure Enhancements and Azure Maintenance.

If you have any questions about any of our Azure services, please do just get in touch. We work with organisations and businesses of all sizes across the UK and would be happy to discuss your unique requirements in further detail.


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"Without outside help we would never have known how to implement Azure, or get the most out of all it has to offer, thanks to WellData for their invaluable input"

MD, Recruitment Agency