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No More Recruitment, No More Problems with Cover

We provide Oracle Support through our database managed services at a fixed price; no onboarding fees, no small print.

Systems can be rolled on and off the contract at any time during the term of the contract, flexing as your business needs change.


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Database Managed Service

For constant proactive Oracle support, WellData offers comprehensive oracle  managed services. This service covers all your database’s Business As Usual (BAU) requirements on an on-going basis.

For full details see: Database and Server Managed Service.

Not only can you get your Oracle Database support covered but also SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Linux and Unix in one complete support package.


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Platforms Covered

WellData is neutral when it comes to the placement of the databases under its care. The same high levels of Oracle support are employed whichever platform is hosting the database.

  • On Premise running on Windows, Linux or Unix (with optional server support)
  • Oracle In-the-Cloud
  • Containerized within Docker or Kubernetes (K8)
    Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Oracle on Amazon on EC2 instance or RDB (AWS)
  • Oracle-authorized cloud environment in Azure


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Oracle End-of-Life Support

When an Oracle version comes to the end of its supported life, there are many reasons why it should be upgraded to a later, more featureful version, that is supported by Oracle security patches and bug fixes.

Unfortunately for some installations upgrading is not an option! That is where WellData’s Oracle managed services can help.

Talk to us about the support of your Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c and 18c databases.

See a full list of Oracle database versions and their expected support from Oracle.


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And the Future?

WellData will help you prepare a “Plan for The Future”.

That plan may be to upgrade your database to a later version with possible upgrades to hardware, application and interfaces. All of this will require careful planning, re-engineering and testing to ensure a seamless transition.

Alternatively, the plan may be to continue with the existing system (suitably supported) until a replacement system is available to take over. That replacement system could be a later version of the existing system or, in some cases, a completely different one. And that system could be located On-Prem or in the Cloud.

In every case WellData will ensure the transition is as seamless as it can be.


RAC Clusters

WellData also provides on-going support for Oracle’s Real Application Clusters (RAC) and the underlying Automatic Storage Management (ASM) on which it depends.

This is particularly important where reliability and data security are an issue. In the event of a hardware failure, Oracle RAC continues to run on the remaining nodes in the cluster, providing uninterrupted access to your data.

Our Oracle support services include help and advice with building a RAC Cluster, as well as other high availability considerations.


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Data Guard

Our Oracle database managed service also includes on-going support for Oracle’s Data Guard

Data Guard is used to provide high availability and data protection to Oracle Databases, thereby ensuring the security of the contained data in the event of a disaster recovery. Data Guard creates a standby database which is constantly kept up to date.

Oracle Data Guard is only available on Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE).

Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE), however, can have the same level of standby database using DBvisit, which our Oracle support team can help with.


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DBvisit StandbyMP

DBvisit StandbyMP is a high availability solution which brings Data Guard type High Availability to Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE) at a fraction of the cost.

DBvisit StandbyMP is designed to deliver best-in-class Disaster Recovery, prioritising database integrity and disaster resilience without a single point of failure.

WellData can help deploy, manage and maintain DBvisit, ensuring a secure and reliable installation.


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Database Consolidation

The number of databases in an organisation seems to grow relentlessly over time. This affects the cost of licensing, support, and to some extent overall reliability. It then becomes necessary to consolidate these databases onto a smaller number of platforms, whether those platforms are physical or virtual.

However, the process of consolidating databases can present significant risks itself. Change is risky! To reduce this risk an organisation needs the resources, skills and experience available to perform the consolidation in a planned and controlled way. The problem is that any single organisation performs this type of exercise very rarely and probably doesn’t have the necessary resources, skills or experience to hand.

That is where WellData can help. This is our bread-and-butter skill set; we have performed many consolidations for many clients across a breadth of industries. If a specific consolidation has difficult problem or challenge, there is a very good chance that one of our Oracle DBAs has already come across it before.


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Oracle Cloud Support

At some point you will be thinking of migrating to the Cloud. Changing platforms in such a major way is not simple; a lot of thought and planning should go into the whys, wherefores, and methods of moving, what is probably a business-critical system, onto Cloud infrastructure.

This migration could be a full, partial or hybrid cloud solution; to Oracle Cloud, AWS, AWS RDB or Microsoft Azure.

WellData is well-placed to assist with this journey, from initial strategy, through migration planning to final execution. Having performed a successful migration, WellData is then in a position to provide the subsequent oracle cloud support, taking full advantage of the new benefits of being Cloud based.


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Database Server Support

Not only can WellData provide Oracle database managed services, we can also support the underlying server, creating a seamless support environment.

Server technologies supported by WellData including:
Windows, Linux and Unix


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Backup and Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Oracle’s Backup and Recovery Manager (RMAN) is the built in, Oracle recommended method for backup and restore of an Oracle Database. RMAN includes features that even third-party tools can leverage to provide a comprehensive restore strategy. Full databases can be restored, as well as single blocks where corruption may have occurred.

Comprehensive reporting features ensure that your data is backed up and secure should the worst happen.


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Middleware Support

Oracle Licensing

Need a new Oracle license?

If you think you need additional Oracle licenses, speak to WellData Oracle support team first. Before you buy an additional license, you might want to take stock of your current license structure. There’s often scope for consolidation, rearrangement and/or reuse of existing licenses. You might even want to take advantage of an Oracle License Audit.

Once all your alternative options have been considered. WellData can give you a competitive quote for your Oracle License, that will fit your needs perfectly.

Independent Oracle License Audit

Have you lost touch with your Oracle licensing?

WellData can help you discover all your installed Oracle code and the servers they are running on. Once discovered, we can then match this discovery with the actual licenses you own, to create a Gap Report.

Hopefully, this Gap Report will be empty, but if it isn’t we can recommend various ways of reconciling the discrepancy, whether that is the purchase of additional licenses, consolidation of databases, or the removal of code from unused servers. In the case where a client is over licensed, WellData can recommend how these surplice licenses could best be used or treated.


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Project Services

Part of the Oracle support services portfolio available from WellData is database project work.

Projects generally follow a similar format: requirements gathering, preparation of a Statement of Work (SOW), quotation, acceptance and finally execution and sign-off.

All projects are performed fixed-price.

  • Major version upgrades
  • Database health check
  • Query optimisation
  • Database migration and consolidation
  • Database architectural design, configuration, build and deployment
  • RAC design, build and deployment.
  • Data Guard design, build and deployment.
  • DBvisit Standby design, configuration and deployment
  • PL/SQL Development
  • Data Masking and Encryption
  • General Consultancy
  • And more, just call…


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Skilled and Experienced Oracle Support at a Fixed Price

WellData takes care of Oracle databases for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We take a proactive approach to providing Oracle database support services, ensuring your databases are fully maintained in the best possible condition.


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"We had used WellData before, for work with upgrades and other standalone projects, so we knew they were good and very reliable. When it came to DBA outsourcing we were confident they would be the right team for the job."

Information Systems Manager, Borough Council

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