Infrastructure Managed Service

Comprehensive support for your databases, servers and applications

WellData takes care of key infrastructure for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We take a proactive approach to the support of your infrastructure, covering databases, servers and applications, ensuring they are fully maintained in the best of condition.

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WellData’s Infrastructure Managed Service covers all day-to-day necessities to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently, becoming a seamless part of your IT operation.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Security updates
  • Software updates
  • Patch management
  • Minor version upgrades
  • Performance monitoring
  • Capacity planning


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Proactive Support

WellData uses a proactive support model, rather than the conventional Break/Fix method used by many support companies.

We use a proactive approach in order to pre-empt avoidable failures before they occur. Substantial effort is put into comprehensive monitoring to ensure that developing problems are identified before they become issues.

Our monitoring goes far beyond simple availability checks and into areas of general performance like: memory use, locking, growth, throughput, equipment failures and so on. the list is comprehensive.


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Fixed Price

All normal business as usual (BAU) operations to ensure the good functioning of the systems under support are covered for a fixed fee.

This allows our clients to budget for the systems under WellData support.

The only exclusions from this cost are: major upgrades, script running on a regular basis and project work.

All of which can be quoted for and performed as required.


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No On-Boarding Fees

WellData does not charge for the initial on-boarding of a client’s estate; in fact, we even offer an initial 30-day cancellation option. If our services don’t meet with your needs or expectations, you can cancel without penalty.


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Optional 24/7 Cover

Systems can be supported to various availability levels:

  • Business Hours Only, work and cover in hours only.
  • Business Hours with Out-of-Hours Cover, work in hours cover outside of that.
  • 24/7, where work and cover can be carried out out-of-hours.

In this way we can tailor our support to your needs and at an affordable cost.


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System Documentation

At the initial on-boarding, a set of documentation is created to ensure our engineers fully understand the nature and character of the systems under support.

This documentation consists of an Operations Manual that documents access methods, security issues, any observations and peculiarities; an issues arising are entered into the WellData ticketing system for resolution.

it is this set of documentation that allows Welldata to provide seamless, unparalleled cover for all the systems under our care.


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Schedule Amendments

Our clients can amend the support schedule mid contract as needed without penalty.

As new systems are commissioned, existing systems mature and legacy systems eventually retired, they can be Rolled-On and Rolled-Off as is necessary for your business.

Once again this allows the contract to accurately reflect your support needs, without extraneous costs.


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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring allows us to keep a watchful eye on the availability and system health of the systems under our care.

The WellData logo was designed to represent our “Watchful Eye”.

Monitoring is at the core of everything we do. By detecting changes in operation, even if these are very small changes, we can initiate corrective actions before an issue arises.

The collection of monitoring data also allows us to perform capacity planning and performance forecasting. Ensuing we are ahead of the game when it comes time to procuring new equipment or initiating an archiving solution.


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Incident Management

Incidents can be raised from a number of sources: directly from clients, monitoring systems or by the engineers themselves.

Incidents are responded to in a swift and prompt manner as agreed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). There are defined fix or resolution plan times leading either to a resolution of the incident the creation of a resolution plan. If a resolution is not readily determined the incident is escalated to higher levels within both the Client and WellData.


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Daily Checks

Over and above the continuous monitoring a Daily Check is performed each working day.

These checks cover areas such as: failed backups or jobs, unexpected growth rates or unusual consumption of system resources, etc. including system specific checks discovered during on-boarding that need to be performed.

These checks ensure a continuous appraisal of the functioning of the systems under care, over and above its simple availability.

Daily checks often generate specific work items that need to be carried out in order to ensure the systems under care continue to operate at their peak.


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Service Requests

Service Requests raised by our clients are acknowledged and reviewed within agreed SLAs.

Performance and timing of the request is determined on receipt and becomes the SLA for that request itself.

Many Service Requests cannot be actioned immediately and represent work items that need to be performed over an extended period of time. An example would be the installation of an application bug fix. These fixes can often lead to a whole series of actions being taken before the actual fix itself can be applied.

Service requests are tracked, monitored and reported from WellData’s ticketing system. Clients have access to this ticketing system so they are able  enter tickets directly and to track their progress.


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Troubleshooting often starts with a monitoring system alarm and an issue raised by the client’s users.

Where a system is identified as deficient or failing a troubleshooting analysis is performed to discover the root cause of the problem and recommend a resolution or route forward.

Problems requiring troubleshooting can come from all areas: performance, changes to growth rates, changes in use that result in performance or capacity issues, data locking issues and many more…


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Support Team

When you engage with WellData you will be assigned a Primary Engineer, they will be you primary point of contact, will get an intimate knowledge of your systems and the way they are used. They will also be responsible getting work items completed in a timely manner.

Additionally, you are not only engaging with the Primary Engineer assigned to you but also with a team of engineers who together bring an unrivalled level of ability, expertise and experience to the support of your systems.

Where there is a mix of technologies Welldata deploys expert engineers in each technological area. it is this approach that allows WellData to bring the highest standards of support to your systems at an affordable price.


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Expertise, Experience and Longevity

WellData’s team of engineers bring a wealth of expertise and experience and often stay with WellData for an extended period providing our clients with longevity, continuity and consistency of support.

In many areas of WellData’s support we have over 100 of years of accumulated experience, more than enough to deal with the problems we encounter on a daily basis.

Over and above the support that WellData provides, the team’s many years of experience allows us also to provide considered advice in many areas. This experience is available to all out Managed Service clients as part of the service offering.


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UK Based

All WellData employees are employed, based and work from the UK.

All WellData staff are security screened to BS level on appointment and every three years thereafter.

WellData takes the security of your data systems very seriously, which is why we take great care to ensure all parts of the WellData support model is designed to ensure security and integrity of our clients data.

At no stage is a client’s data removed from the clients data centre or access by anyone not located within the UK.


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WellData hold ISO standard in:

  • Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Information Technology – Service Management (ISO 20000-1:2018) and
  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001:2013).



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Service Delivery Conferences

Service Delivery Conferences, performed by the support engineer’s team leader, ensure that the quality of service expected and demands of its engineers is being delivered daily.

These are also opportunities for our clients to advise us of future plans and requirements that might require changes in support needed.


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Disaster Recovery Planning

It is of crucial importance that a business knows and understands their Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for each operational system.

WellData engineers will aid in the design, development and implementation of the agreed RPOs and RTOs. These will then be documented in the Operations Manual and tested on a regular basis.

WellData, from time to time, will advice you where reliability can be improved or where reliability has been compromised or won’t meet the required RPOs or RTOs.


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Compliance Management

Many businesses operate in a regulated environment. It is important that these businesses demonstrate compliance to any applicable regulations.

WellData will, for each system under its care, determine the level of security required and currently extant and develop the necessary changes to secure these environments.


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End of Life Support

Many businesses operate in a regulated environment. It is important that these businesses demonstrate compliance to any applicable regulations.

WellData will, for each system under its care, determine the level of security required and currently extant and develop the necessary changes to secure these environments.


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Although it is best practice to keep systems up to date for performance, features and, most particularly, security reasons, there are situations where this cannot be achieved.

WellData can take on the support of these out-of-support systems, allowing you the peace of mind that, although not supported by bug and feature releases from the original vendor, the systems can be kept functioning are are still useful going forward.


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"We had used WellData before, for work with upgrades and other standalone projects, so we knew they were good and very reliable. When it came to DBA outsourcing we were confident they would be the right team for the job."

Information Systems Manager, Borough Council

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