Microsoft Exchange support

Secure MS Exchange support

Microsoft Exchange is a mission-critical product for many businesses. Users need to log in, access email, check tasks and use their calendar, without the risk of downtime or data loss. Your Microsoft Exchange server acts as a hub of business communication. Ensuring continuous availability can be a drain on staff resources, and with users constantly relying on Exchange for day-to-day tasks, any system problems can quickly overwhelm an unprepared help-desk.

Outsource support to us

Get comprehensive Microsoft Exchange technical support for your Active Directory environment, whether hosted physically or virtually. We document your entire install and assign a single point of contact to act as your go-to support engineer. Our services span every aspect of your install, from basic permissions and access through to complex configuration and policies.

Fix-before-fail cover, 24-7

Outsource your support to us and you get consultancy whenever you need it via telephone or email. You benefit from our proactive fix-before-fail support and, if anything does go wrong, our rapid-responders are available to help 24/7.

Monitoring services as standard:

  • Exchange environment and availability
  • Internal database size and growth
  • CPU and RAM performance
  • Edge Transport availability and performance
  • Cyber-attack monitoring


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"WellData supports our SQL databases, and stepped in to cover our Exchange, meaning we didn't have to recruit and train, saving us a lot of time and money"

IT Team Lead, Local Authority