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At WellData we are the experts in remote and on-site database support, and as part of this service our analysts and administrators are fully versed in maintaining, upgrading and enhancing Microsoft Access Databases. The aim of our team is to ensure that your Access Database provides everything your organisation needs it to provide, whilst minimising both downtime and security risks. As well as working with databases which are supplied with applications, we also work with databases which have been built in house. Access Databases have evolved over the years, and with our team– you can tailor almost any solution and functionality.

Access Database Support

Working remotely, or on site at your organisation, we provide Microsoft Access Database Support across the UK. Typically, we use remote access to investigate any issues you are facing, whilst talking you through the steps we are taking. This support service fixes anything from missing data, system slowness, files not opening and information not saving formatting/saving correctly.

It’s also a good idea to regularly carry out Access Database Health Checks.

Access Database Improvements

Again working on site or remotely, our developers work with you to understand you’re exact requirements before recommending a route forward. Typical improvements can include: Adding fields, queries, process, automatic generation of documents & emails and greater integration with your CMS and back-office.

This service is fantastic in ensuring that your database continues to grow as your business does.

Access Database Upgrades

If the improvements listed above can be classed as ‘tweaks’, upgrades can be classed as wholesale changes. These upgrades are perfect for organisations which simply aren’t getting the desired performance from their Access Database. These upgrades can be carried out for many reasons, and add important functionality such as: Remote Working, Cloud integration, IT system integration, Security Upgrades and the very latest tools from Access.


If you have any questions about your Access Database, or how WellData can assist you with your Access Database Management & Upgrades – please do just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your unique requirements.


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"Thank you so much to WellData for the tremendous help you have given us in converting our cumbersome Excel database to Access - it will enable us to provide a much better service to our supporters and to say we are grateful would be an understatement!!"

Business Manager, Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary