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Experience Unmatched Server and OS Support with WellData.

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At WellData, we offer two decades of expertise in operating system support for database management. Each server support engineer provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for your business. With our services, your IT systems are guaranteed to work well. We help with installation, virus protection, updates, and maintenance. You are our priority, so we strive to give you excellent service every time.

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We understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to operating system & server support. We offer tailored, around-the-clock managed services with the latest tools and technologies. Our server support engineers know everything about servers and operating systems. We can help with Microsoft server support, SQL server support, and exchange server support, so your computers run well and are secure.

Trust our proactive operating system support for database management - available anywhere. We preemptpre-empt and resolve issues quickly and efficiently while reducing security risks and data loss. For a fixed fee, you can access our managed service. This gives you help in an emergency and is a fraction of staff employment costs.

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Our Support

With us, your operations will run smoothly and securely. Our server support engineers specialise in providing reliable server management services across a range of systems. These include Linux, Unix and Windows, along with most other systems. As we know what makes your system run well and safely, we offer full operating system support for database management. This helps your company with performance, resources, and security. 

Our team provides support all day, every day, at a lower cost than hiring people in-house to do the work. With WellData, you can be sure that your IT needs are taken care of.

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WellData's support includes:

  • Configuring servers and operating systems and resolving immediate issues
  • Providing full documentation and server administration
  • Managing access controls and security
  • Advising on data security and disaster recovery
  • Performing daily system checks by a specialist
  • Providing proactive maintenance for system optimisation
  • Root-cause troubleshooting and resolving incidents
  • Implementing changes, including patching and upgrading
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 Support
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The Process

Say goodbye to IT headaches with WellData's system operation and support services. Our server support engineers will help you with your servers and operating systems. We have experts who can help day and night. Plus, an experienced manager oversees everything for smooth running. All this costs less than hiring system administrators, so you can focus on other parts of your business. Leaving us to make sure everything works properly. We are the go-to source for server management solutions.

1. Initial Set-up

Let WellData help set up your servers and operating systems. We thoroughly check your system and help you keep it running. We'll see if everything is working well and find ways to improve it. We can then remove problems and add protection, so it works better. With us managing your system, you don't have to worry about keeping it updated - it's all done for you.

2. Documentation

Make your life easier with WellData's documentation and login guide services. We create and agree together on key documents for a seamless service and easy access to your IT systems. Our operations/procedure manual is like a map. It will show you how our system works and how to configure it. That way, we can help you quickly when problems arise.

3. Ongoing Activities

With WellData, all your needs are covered when it comes to ongoing activities for managing your systems. Our experts assist using a combination of remote support and on-site and on-call services. Every day, we do things to make sure everything is working correctly. We answer questions, check things are running smoothly, and adjust if necessary.

We promise you that everything we do is done properly. Our robust SLA guarantees you service excellence and complete peace of mind.

The Benefits

Companies in the public and private sectors use us for their IT needs. Our Operating support for database management gives them many advantages.

  • Optimised, secure servers and operating systems
  • Significant IT cost savings compared with employing IT specialists
  • Rapid incident resolution Fix-before-fail approach
  • Unlimited technical support, 24/7
  • Fixed price, with no call-out charges
  • Solutions to meet your strategic needs.
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Call us now for more information about our server management solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.