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WellData's Development Managed Service takes care of your code. Our experts are on hand to ensure your databases are up-to-date and the written code is optimised and fixed. 

Code is the backbone of any development project. It enables you to create reliable, efficient and powerful applications and tools. Quality coding practices are essential in maximising the performance of your database. Well-written code optimises your databases for faster retrieval and storage, and reduces risks of data corruption. Also, good code makes it easier to take advantage of the features and capabilities offered by modern databases. 

Our team of UK-trusted database architects and engineers are here to help. At WellData, we offer ongoing support for your code-related needs. Working with your front-end developers, we provide deeper insights and expert assistance. We're here to make the code changes or additions you need. We help rewrite existing code, create new reports and procedures, add new features and solve existing problems. Our development services are designed to improve your code, usage, and data updates and reports.

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At WellData, we can devise affordable bespoke solutions for your company. Our fully managed development service streamlines your data management processes. Our fixed-cost service allows you to easily add new features and solve any existing code and data problems.

Alternatively, we offer ad hoc services tailored to specific needs, allowing you to pay only for what you need, when you need it. Let WellData take care of any code-related needs you have. We'll make managing data easier for you.

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Code and Peer Reviews

We know how important it is that your data is accurate and secure. So, we use code reviews and peer reviews to ensure everything is correct. Code reviews by a database developer ensure your code is high quality and meets industry expectations. Peer reviews check the changes made to the database to ensure everything meets industry standards. Any mistakes can be spotted quickly and fixed fast.

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Code Suggestions

Our database development team writes high-quality, industry-standard code. We guide you on how to write effective code that can be updated when needed. Our code suggestions save you time, improve code quality, and ensure your projects run smoothly. 

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Resolving Failing Jobs

We take pride in resolving failing jobs quickly and efficiently. Our solutions will help your operations run smoothly. Our fully managed development service includes daily checks and fixes your problem within 4 hours. This includes data and code, so whatever the issue, we'll resolve it for you.

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Deploying New Code

Deploying new code is essential. It helps developers change things quickly and ensure they use the latest version for a project. It also makes development faster and reduces downtime. This results in a consistent and high-quality user experience. Our tools help you deploy changes quickly, so your projects stay up to date. 

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Resolving Bugs

The success of your database depends on resolving issues fast. While it may require a significant time investment, the outcome is well worth the effort. We take bug fixes seriously. Our database developers and administrators use innovative tools to tackle any bug issues you may have. This enhances the user experience and results in a more efficient and effective database.

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Ad-Hoc Services

Small-Scale Developments

Our tailored small-scale development service is designed to meet your distinct needs, as and when you require support. We offer custom small-scale development services. Our ad hoc service gives you access to key insights from developers and data architects without pricey investment in software or staff. 

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You can have the perfect database plan for your needs without the worry. We help you easily organise and store your data so your business can grow. 

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Success Story: Development Managed Service

Our client is a software and services company - operating since 1990, as a world-leading fleet risk and driver safety management provider of a renowned software package. Their flagship application was deteriorating under a growing volume of data and some legacy application artifacts. WellData stepped in with a continuous approach to development services. Find out more about the results.

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Benefits of our development managed services:

  • Increased efficiency. Streamlined data management processes reduces manual and analysis tasks.
  • Enhanced security. Sensitive data is safe from unapproved access or breaches.
  • Customisations. You get what you need without compromising performance.
  • Ongoing maintenance. Regular updates and support leads to peak database performance.
  • Improved accuracy. Consistent data lowers manual entry errors.
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