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Database System Migration

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A Seamless & Secure Migration With Minimal Database Downtime

Partner with WellData's trusted tech industry database consultants for assistance during complex migration projects. Our team works closely with clients daily to investigate their existing database infrastructure and implement more efficient solutions for database management.

Whether you're planning to migrate to an on-prem server or take the leap into cloud providers, we have the experience and technical know-how to deliver anticipated results. As a specialist provider, we offer unlimited advice to educate you on the considerations you must make during database migration, especially when moving to the cloud. 

We implement hybrid solutions for most clients, allowing them to take full advantage of everything the cloud offers without sacrificing their on-premise systems. Our approach results in optimal benefits and a seamless transition. We also provide support and training to ensure your IT team can maximise potential. 

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Our Service

When you partner with WellData, we assign your project a dedicated senior database consultant and deputy contact. These team members become part of your IT team, working closely with you to close the database gap in your business and build an understanding of your infrastructure. With our UK-based team of experienced database administrators, you'll have direct access to remote or onsite support as needed. 

We'll get started by conducting a thorough assessment of your database management needs. We'll determine the number of databases you have across how many instances/servers. Additionally, we'll identify the platforms you're currently using and advise on any migration requirements. 

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At WellData, we offer flexible options for database migration. You can entrust us with full responsibility for handling the migration on your behalf or access our services as and when you require support. While existing data migration tools may suffice in some cases, we understand that additional code changes may be necessary to ensure a smooth transition. 

Once we have fully explored your requirements and identified any potential challenges, our team will begin planning your project. We'll handle every aspect of the migration process, including user acceptance testing, whether it's a side-by-side migration or in-place migration. 

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The Process

  • Evaluate existing storage and database needs & workloads
  • Develop a secure, cost-effective migration strategy
  • Meet compliance and risk management needs
  • Multi-technology experience for faster Cloud adoption
  • Performance and cost comparisons on cloud providers
  • Plan your cloud migration for fully optimised performance
  • Conduct compatibility tests and trialling migrations
  • Ongoing cloud support



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