Are your databases compliant?



GDPR came in to force in May 2018 and changed how businesses and public sector organisations manage their customer’s information and details.

At WellData we are experts in all aspects of database compliance, and as such have already been helping companies and organisations of all sizes understand the exact requirements of GDPR, specifically pertaining to their databases.

WellData analysts are experts in regulations, and can quickly and efficiently identify and resolve any issues that put your database GDPR compliance at risk.


WellData, keeping you compliant by:

• Ensuring database compliance
• Helping you avoid large fines for non compliance
• Providing fully security cleared DBAs


GDPR compliance is a complex subject, with many areas needing to be carefully addressed. The consequences of not complying are great, with heavy fines if compliance is not attained. Act now to avoid costly penalties.


WellData will:

• ASSESS security risks
• PREVENT attacks
• DETECT data breaches


If you have any questions about how we can help with your database GDPR compliance – get in touch, we’re happy to help.



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