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Check out WellData in action. Here’s a selection of case studies from customers across a range of industries and technologies. If you have a requirement that we haven’t covered here, please get in touch. We’re sure we can help.


How WellData drives systems-performance to the max.


In 2005, world-leading motorsport and technology business Prodrive faced an uncertain future when their under-performing DBA suddenly left. Without adequate support for their business-critical Oracle-based ERP and PLM systems, they needed expert help quickly.


WellData stepped in and immediately got to work to make Prodrive’s systems more efficient and productive. Not only did we boost the performance and availability of their databases, we also delivered all improvements and day-to-day management at a fraction of the price Prodrive had been paying previously. Today, whether completely rebuilding a crashed database, providing extensive performance monitoring, or simply advising on the best Oracle syntax to use, we are always on hand to help.


Thanks to WellData, Prodrive’s Oracle database systems are running more reliably and efficiently than ever. By outsourcing its database management to us, Prodrive has the reassurance that downtime is kept to a minimum and it continues to make significant IT cost-savings.

“There’s an unflappability about Welldata and their staff which gives you, as a customer, confidence that these guys really know their onions.  ‘Excellence’ is clearly their watchword and the Prodrive team have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Local Authority

How WellData keeps applications in check


In 2001 Gosport Borough Council was struggling to support its recently-implemented Northgate Revenues and Benefits application. The software is essential to Gosport BC, enabling it to streamline its management of revenues and benefits, comply with legislation and meet government targets. Gosport BC was without the right skills or resources and needed external help urgently.


WellData was appointed to monitor the system and implement a support procedure. At first, we were employed as backup to internal resources, but gradually we took on more responsibility. When the inhouse DBA moved on, we took on a full support role, both for Northgate Revenues and Benefits and Gosport BC’s Oracle databases.


Today, WellData continue to work alongside Gosport BC’s internal IT teams, providing round-the-clock expertise and support for their databases and Northgate Revenues and Benefits software. By installing the latest software releases at the right times, our expert engineers ensure that Gosport BC stays up to date with legislation changes.

“WellData… have gained a depth and breadth of experience we could not match, which helps to anticipate and avoid problems proactively so improving the quality of work.”

Vehicle Leasing

How WellData migrates databases to the cloud


Zenith, the UK’s leading independent leasing, vehicle outsourcing and fleet management provider, decided to move its Oracle databases into the cloud. Zenith operates a series of Oracle databases which were hosted on-site on an ageing HP/UX server. One of these databases was particularly large and contained all their business-critical contract notes. The project had a tight deadline due to the imminent expiry of several licences.


WellData researched a number of cloud solutions and found that Microsoft’s Azure platform would suit Zenith’s needs the best. We prepared a detailed statement of work and action-plan, and liaised with Zenith’s existing Azure support supplier. We built a secure VPN link between the Azure platform and the remaining on-site application systems. Meticulous planning of the data-transfer enabled the upload to happen via existing internet infrastructure. We staged the migration and used Oracle’s data pump tool to effect the transfer. All advice and consultancy for the project were included as part of our standard support contract.


The databases were moved securely and efficiently in groups over a series of weekends. The whole project was completed within the agreed timescale and within budget (as WellData always quotes a guaranteed fixed price), resulting in a satisfied customer. WellData continue to look after Zeniths systems.


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