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Our Service

Is database management becoming a hassle for your business? WellData offers a bespoke solution to meet your business needs. Our certified professionals work with you to plan, design and implement a new database infrastructure tailored to your requirements. Expert architects and developers guide you through the process to achieve customised physical and logical components of the database environment, including hardware, software, and network architecture. 



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WellData’s dedicated database developers assess your current infrastructure against your business requirements. A discovery workshop enables the planning and design of a new database infrastructure, and once we have agreed on the plan, implementation and testing will begin. Following successful introduction of your bespoke solution, our team will provide training and ongoing support for the maintenance and management of the new system.

Join forces with our talented Database Architects, SQL Server Developers, and Oracle Database Developers for optimal results. 

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The Process


At WellData, we understand the importance of thoroughly evaluating existing database infrastructure before designing and building a new system. During the first stage, we assess the current state of your database infrastructure and identify areas that require improvement. Our assessment includes an evaluation of hardware, software, and network architecture. We will also identify any performance, scalability, or security issues – similar to a system health check 

Planning & Design

Based on our comprehensive assessment of your existing infrastructure and specific needs, we develop a plan for a new system optimised for your business. Our design includes hardware and software components as well as network architecture. We consider performance, scalability, availability, and security factors to ensure the new system meets all your requirements.


Once both parties approve the complete design, our experienced database engineers will take care of the rest. We’ll install and configure software, and set up network architecture according to the approved design. 

Testing & Validation

Once the implementation is complete, our dedicated team will thoroughly test your business’ new infrastructure to ensure that your requirements are met at optimal performance levels.

The Benefits Of WellData’s Bespoke Infrastructure Design & Builds

  • Improved performance and scalability 
  • Increased availability and uptime 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Better data management and governance 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements
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