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At WellData, we understand that managing complex and costly database environments can be daunting. With big data driving businesses forward, balancing cost management, agility, security, and performance is essential. That's why we offer a comprehensive database consolidation service to help you streamline your data infrastructure and achieve your objectives. 

Our experienced database administration specialists provide the necessary support for data centre modernisation activities. We take care of the complex and time-consuming process of database consolidation so that you can focus on running your business. Trust WellData for a smooth transition and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is in expert hands.

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The Process

Our database experts will customise the consolidation process to meet your specific system requirements and existing technologies. Every step we take is tailored to ensure maximum efficiency and an optimal outcome for your organisation.


To ensure a seamless and optimal consolidation process, it's crucial to evaluate the current state of the databases before consolidation. This involves analysing the structure, data, and usage patterns. WellData's experts rely on this critical information to determine the best approach for consolidation.


Once the assessment is complete, we develop a comprehensive consolidation plan. This plan includes crucial details such as the target database platform, data migration strategy, and any necessary changes to the database schema.

Data Migration

Transferring data from existing databases to the new consolidated database is crucial to the consolidation process. Our experts employ various tools and techniques, such as ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes or database replication, to ensure a seamless and efficient transfer of data.


After finalising the data migration process, it's essential to rigorously test the consolidated database. Our team ensures that all data is accurately migrated and thoroughly tests the database to guarantee optimal functionality.


Once testing is successfully completed, the consolidated database is ready to be deployed in a production environment. Our team will configure the database server, establish security protocols and backup procedures, and provide comprehensive training to end users.


The final step is to maintain the consolidated database, which involves monitoring its performance, managing data, and implementing any required updates or changes to the database schema. At WellData, we firmly believe that ongoing maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of our solutions.

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The Benefits Of Consolidating Databases

Cost Savings

Consolidating multiple databases into a single system can reduce the costs associated with maintaining multiple databases. 

Improved Integrity

A centralised database allows for better data integrity, as data can be consistently managed and maintained across applications. 

Increased Security

Consolidating databases can improve data security by centralising access control and reducing the number of entry points to the data. 

Task Efficiency

Using a single database system can simplify maintenance and management tasks like backups and upgrades significantly. 

Better Performance

Improve performance by reducing data duplication and minimising the need to access data across multiple systems. 

More Governance

A centralised database makes managing data quality, access, and compliance easier. 

Enhanced Decisions

With all data in one place, it is easier to access and analyse data, making it easier to make informed decisions.

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