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At WellData we offer a range of additional database-related services to keep your business critical IT up and running at all times.


Server and OS support

Any downtime or disruption to server performance could have a serious impact on your business’s wellbeing. However day-to-day monitoring and management can be very costly, especially if specialist knowledge of legacy applications is needed.

Hand your management to us

Outsource your server and OS support to WellData and you enjoy the assurance of 24-7 cover from a crack team of multi-skilled techs, experienced in Linux, Unix, Windows and almost any other server or operating system. Our highly-trained techs offer proactive, bespoke cover in any location, with all support and emergency call-outs included in one manageable fee.

Constant monitoring, proactive response

Our DBAs use remote-access monitoring tools to watch over your servers around the clock, identify issues and fix before they lead to failure. They also carry out server audits, suggest new ways to improve performance and advise on data security and disaster recovery.

Part of your team

Your WellData cover includes a dedicated primary support engineer to ensure the stability and availability of your servers, and 24-7 back-up from a team of experts. Together they anticipate and quickly remedy any threat to uptime or performance, and provide a seamless extension to your internal IT team.


See how our server and OS support services can increase your uptime and performance.


Application support

Every business relies on effective software to keep it working and competitive. When your key applications are critical to productivity, outages will have a business-wide knock-on effect. But while downtime has a real and considerable cost, keeping applications running can be a complex and expensive task.

Outsource your management to us

WellData application support services cover every aspect of your operations. From monitoring to upgrades, incidents to changes, we provide comprehensive application cover for an affordable, fixed fee. We support off the shelf applications, or entirely bespoke systems. And, our expert software engineers work alongside your own IT people as part of your team.

Audit, update, secure

Our first task is to take a full audit of all your applications and their status. Then we ensure all your software estate is kept up to date. We study performance and trends, ease any bottlenecks, perform necessary upgrades and patching, and find new ways to strengthen your security.

Round-the-clock cover

Issues can arise at any time. To ensure you always have a named contact available, we allocate both a primary engineer and a secondary engineer to provide holiday and sickness cover. Both take full responsibility for your applications and are contactable via phone or email 24-7.

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We support the following applications:

Northgate: iWorld, iWorld Revs & Bens, iWorld Housing, Land & Properties, Anite, Uniform, Business Objects, Agresso, Citizens Access

Oracle e-Business Suite/Financials

MS SharePoint, MS Office 365, MS Exchange


MS Exchange support

Microsoft Exchange is a mission-critical product for many businesses. Users need to log in, access email, check tasks and use their calendar, without the risk of downtime or data loss. Your Microsoft Exchange server acts as a hub of business communication. Ensuring continuous availability can be a drain on staff resources, and with users constantly relying on Exchange for day-to-day tasks, any system problems can quickly overwhelm an unprepared help-desk.

Outsource support to us

Get comprehensive Microsoft Exchange technical support for your Active Directory environment, whether hosted physically or virtually. We document your entire install and assign a single point of contact to act as your go-to support engineer. Our services span every aspect of your install, from basic permissions and access through to complex configuration and policies.

Fix-before-fail cover, 24-7

Outsource your support to us and you get consultancy whenever you need it via telephone or email. You benefit from our proactive fix-before-fail support and, if anything does go wrong, our rapid-responders are available to help 24/7.

Monitoring services as standard:

  • Exchange environment and availability
  • Internal database size and growth
  • CPU and RAM performance
  • Edge Transport availability and performance
  • Cyber-attack monitoring

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